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India Exports

India Export Statistical Data 2015-16 Country 2014-2015 (in INR) 2015-2016     (Apr- Nov) 2014-2015 (in INR) U S A 25942751.55 17356137.39 U Arab Emts 20185269.18 12881843.59 Hong Kong 8311857.4 5147801.14 China P Rp 7303043.3 3951863.69 U K 5696907.25 3800430.94 Germany 4606196.79 2955451.51 Saudi Arab 6802968.33 2950072.52 Singapore 5985397.67 2878574.19 Bangladesh Pr 3944038.17 2396517.15 Sri […]

World Economic Outlook 2015

The Update of the World Economic Outlook (WEO) released in January 2015 by the IMF puts global growth projection for 2015 at 3.5 percent and at 3.7 percent for 2016. Global growth will receive a boost from lower oil prices – a result mainly of higher supply – but while the recovery in the United […]

Highlights Of The Foreign Trade Policy Of India 2015-2020

Highlights Of The Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020 A. SIMPLIFICATION & MERGER OF REWARD SCHEMES Export from India Schemes: 1. Merchandise Exports from India Scheme (MEIS) Earlier there were 5 different schemes (Focus Product Scheme, Market Linked Focus Product Scheme, Focus Market Scheme, Agri. Infrastructure Incentive Scrip, VKGUY) for rewarding merchandise exports with different kinds of […]

India Budget 2015 Highlights – Duty & Taxes

* Increase in basic custom duty: -Metallergical coke from 2.5 % to 5%. -Tariff rate on iron and steel and articles of iron and steel increased from 10% to 15%. -Tariff rate on commercial vehicle increased from 10 % to 40%. *Basic custom duty on digital still image video camera with certain specification reduced to […]

Export Import Questions

Post  here  your Export Import Questions for Expert Answers, related  Export Market Development Help, Legal Matter, Export Benefits, Import Tariff Matter, RBI FEM Act Matters, Foreign Trade Laws, CBEC (Customs & Central Excise ) Matters.

Highlights Of Annual Supplement (2013-14) To The Foreign Trade Policy 2009-14

1. Measures to revive investors’ interest in SEZs. 1.1 A package of measures has been formulated to revive investors’ interest in SEZs and to boost exports. The salient features of the package are:- In view of the acute difficulties in aggregating large tracts of uncultivable land for setting up SEZs, while ensuring vacancy and contiguity, […]