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Refund Policy

* Once Paid  Amount will not refund. If you are  taking or has been  taken  our  Spot Call Consultancy services  or  other services  in any electronic methods  like email, SMS, WhatsApp Message   or  any electronic doc  format like  PDF, Excel Sheet, Notepad, Rich Text format or  html.

* All Advising services  will be charged  and must need  to pay  before  availing  the services.

* No Payment will be refunded after Download or Received Email(s) of Ebook, because  E-Book is digital material and  it  is  easy to paste in other  formats.  there is no online reading facility.

*  We are not  responsible  to  Refund for Any Payment  Process Failure or  Declined and  Online Transfer failure reasons, in these reasons we will not provide  any type  of  services.

* All Orders  will accept in electronically  or  Hard Copy format, Verbal Orders  will not be acceptable in  any way.  Spot  Call Basis Consultancy Services, should  pay before  per Topic/Subject basis,  please refer to our  Premium Exim Plans.

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