Export Import Business Course
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Export Import Business Digital One-To-One Export & Import Coaching Session

One-To-One Export & Import Coaching Session

Learn with EXIM Tutor/Coach to get your International Trade up. One-To-One Training Session over Phone / Skype or On-Site Sessions are available with Cost $20/-Per Topic for an hour. Full course approx a week available over Telephone, Skype & WhatsApp. Course Fee INR 40,000/- or $615/- with Training Literature.


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EXIM Tutor’s ONE TO ONE Online Digital Learning – Learn in 7 Days!

Highlights Course Contents

  • Export Markets Research And Identification.
  • Buyers/Agents Identification In Exports.
  • Export Product Pricing Policy Making.
  • Export Market Development Plan Creation.
  • Export Agreements with Agents/Distributors.
  • Shipping Agent/Shipping Line Appointment For Exporting.
  • Payment Terms Settlements And Receiving Payments.
  • Export Goods Despatch Documentation.
  • Post Export Benefits Claim.

>>Export Markets Research And Identification

  • Know About Export Market Research.
  • Tips of Export Market Research.
  • Know about Buyers.
  • Tips to Research and Identify Buyers.
  • Know About Export Research Demand.

>>Buyers/Agents Identification In Exports

  • Identify to trusted Agent.
  • Agreement with Agent.
  • Agent Commission.
  • Goods/Services to Agent.

>>Export Product Pricing Policy Making

  • Know about Export Products Pricing Policy.
  • Product specific prices.
  • Country Specific Prices.
  • GEO/Regional Prices.
  • Prices on Import Concession under FTA.

>>Export Market Development Purpose Plan Creation

  • Export Market Plan.
  • Export product Promotions.
  • Digital Export Promotions.
  • Digital Product Development.
  • Digital Export Leads Generation.

>>Export Agreements with Agents/Distributors

  • Understanding of Agreement.
  • Agreement Awareness and Signups.
  • Methods of Communication with Agent/Distributors.

>>Shipping Agent/Shipping line Appointment For Exporting

  • Know about Shipping Agent.
  • Role of Shipping Agent.
  • Selection of Shipping Agent.
  • Freight Rates Negotiations.
  • Shipping Documents Pre-Shipment and Post-Shipment.

>>Payment Terms Settlements 

  • Know the Payment Terms.
  • DA/DP/CAD.
  • Cash in Advance.
  • Letter of Credit.
  • Role of Banks.
  • Advisory Bank.
  • Exporters Bank.
  • Buyers Bank.

>>Export Goods Despatch Documentations

  • Export Oder Execution.
  • Material and Goods Purchasing.
  • Export Shipping Plan.
  • Pre-Export Documents.
  • Export Goods Despatches.
  • Post Export Documents.

>>Post Export Benefits Claim

  • Know about Export Benefits.
  • Claiming Methods of Export Benefits.
  • Export Benefits Documentation.
  • Duty Drawback Rates.
  • Merchandise Exports from India Scheme MEIS.
  • Services Exports from India Scheme.

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