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Visitor’s Questions About Export Import – EXIM :

  • Delhi- Need training to apply DGFT licenses
  • Delhi – “If the IEC certificate Lost but have other documents and as well IE Code –
    1. Whether we Export or not???
    2. Whether we Get it Online
    3. IF, not then what will be the procedure of getting IEC certificate.
    Please revert as soon as possible.”
  • Navsari – How to apply for MEIS scheme, Merchandise Exports from India Scheme
  • Delhi – Want to start export business
  • Ahmedabad -“Do you teach export import? In which city is your institute base?”
  • Thane Mumbai- Requirement of books in marathi
  • Dindigul-“Dear Sir,
    We are manufacturers and exporters of Areca Leaf plates (Palm Leaf Plates)
    You have mentioned that we are eligible for double weightage of Incentives.
    Kindly clarify and guide us to claim the benefitsThanks and regards”
  • Rajkot – “Respected Sir,We are exporting ‘Cast Articles of Alloys Steel’ and ‘Cast Articles of Stainless Steel’ under HS Code 73259920 and 73259930 respectively since last 15 years.When we applied for FPS under Chapter 3 incentive scheme as per notification no. 52 dated 25.02.2014 in appendix 37D Serial Number 240/241 (HS Code: 73259920 & 73259930), due to the word ‘Malleable’ miss-match in shipping bill item description and FPS description, RA is not willing to grant the license.As there is miss-match in description, we decided to apply as per appendix 37D Serial number 279 (HS Code: 7325 Other Cast Articles of Iron or Steel). However, due to some other reasons, RA is not willing to grant the license too.In fact, still nobody can understand, what does the word meaning of ‘malleable’ in this case. (Word meaning or process). If we consider word meaning, then our product is absolutely matching. If it is process, then it should be mentioned ‘malleable iron casting’ instead of only the word ‘malleable’. However, I would like to clarify the word ‘malleable’ as follows,Dictionary meaning of word ‘malleable’ is ‘able to be hammered or pressed into shape without breaking or cracking’. And as per ‘Periodic Table’ which scientifically defines chemical elements on the basis of their atomic numbers, all metals are malleable with a few exceptions like liquid metal mercury.We produce steels which are undoubtedly ‘malleable’. However, we do not produce ‘malleable iron castings’, which is a totally different product category. All items that we exported are of Stainless Steel or Alloys Steels falling under tariff head 7325, which are always malleable as they fall under the category of ‘Metals’.
    There are several types of metals being cast whether it is iron, steel or non-ferrous metals like brass, bronze etc. In a scientific perspective, as all metals are malleable by virtue, all our exported items are coming under ‘malleable’ steel whether it is stainless or alloys steels.So far, RA has granted us, chapter 3 incentive scheme as per appendix 37D serial number 240 and 241. Now, please guide us, are we eligible for chapter 3 incentive either as per Appendix 37D serial number 240/241 or 279 according to our export item described above.Further, in our industrial area, more 500 companies are exporting same and similar type products and they all were awarded with the incentive so far. Recently, joint DGFT has denied granting the benefit due to the above reason.We once again request your good-selves to advise us whether we are eligible for FPS for our export product 73259920 and 73259930. Hoping to receive a positive reply as soon as possible as case is pending since last long time.”

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->Online Application Form  for Export Import Business Training & Enquiry

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