Training Workshop On International Trade

Workshop on International Trade – Procedure, Marketing, Commercials &  BenefitsEvery Month Calendar Days 9th, 15th & 24th – Full Day Program , Subscription Fee Rs. 9,000/-
***(Only 45 Seats are Available!)

Mahipat Singh is an Export & Import Consultant and Founder of, He consults businesses on a wide range of International Business aspects and helps them to establish and grow their export  sales. Also, Mahipat Singh coaches early-staged export & import businesses and delivers educational sessions on International Trade and Global Marketing..

Mahipat Singh is Post Graduated in MBA (IB) And MFT (Master of Foreign Trade) from Pondicherry University. Graduated from M.D. University with 2 Years Diploma in Computer Science.

Mahipat Singh has more than 15+ years professional experience in International Business, IT & Web Technology, Business Science Research, Export Marketing, having diverse experience in Strategic Planning & Execution, FOREIGN TRADE Laws Research and Advising, International Business Consultancy, Web Portal Development, GLOBAL DIGITAL MARKETING, Products Development and Management, ONLINE SALES, Digital Contents Development, Computer Programming etc.

Workshops Ready to be Delivered

S.No. Topics Session
1. Focus on International Trade, Origin, Growth and Requirements 30 Min.
2. Licensing System for International Trade- registrations, IEC, EPCs, GST etc. 30 Min.
3. Focus Market and Focus Products 30 Min.
4. Global Approach to finding Real Buyers / Importers 30 Min.
5. Digital Marketing and Online Advertising – Google Ads & Social Media as a Modern Marketing Methods and market promotional strategy 30 Min.
6. Global eCommerce Export Business and Benefits 30 Min.
7. International Finance and Insurance 30 Min.
8. International Commercial Terms and Payment Terms 30 Min.
9. Govt. of India Promotional Schemes: MEIS, SEIS &  Drawback 1 hr.