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Welcome to,  Eximtutor is India’s No. 1 Export Import Business Coach – Digital Self Learning,  One-To-One Training, Foreign Trade Consultancy,  providing EXIM Data Science Information &  EXIM Help Desk to Global Exporters & Importers. International Marketing Services for  Foreign  Market Development Techniques via Modern Trade Methodology, Trade Laws, Tariff Matters & Trade Documentations.

Who We Are

One To One Coaching sessions on Exporting & Importing are conducted by Mahipat Singh, Foreign Trade Consultant, Author and Founder of Exim Tutor and MSGC Exim And Global Business Consulting.

Mahipat Singh has been a Consultant for Individuals & Companies on a wide range of International Trade aspects from different industries such as Handicrafts, Automotive, Chemicals, Ready made Garments, Natural Stones and Capital Goods.

His clients are from India, Canada, USA, India, China, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Kenya, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Uzbekistan and Taiwan etc.  For 15 years, he has been helping them build their export & import businesses from scratch and avoid many international business issues.

Mahipat Singh is the Author of several Smart EXIM Books on exporting and importing.

Most Popular Topics Cover During Coaching Sessions

  • Vision: Determining Vision for Focus Market, focus Products
  • Export Business Plan: Researching target markets, Competition; Economy, Culture, Technology
  • Export Sales: Business registration; Finding Agents, Buyers, Sales Negotiation & Contract.
  • Export Orders Despatches : Labelling, Packaging, and Documentation, Logistics & Freight forwarders, CHA
  • Claiming Export Incentive/Benefits : Duty Drawback, MEIS, SFIS etc.
    Coaching Session Topics View here :

EXIM Tutor’s ONE TO ONE Online Digital Training – Learn in 15 Days!

Highlights Course Contents:

  • Export Markets Research And Identification
  • Buyers/Agents Identification In Exports
  • Export Product Pricing Policy Making
  • Export Market Development Plan Creation
  • Export Agreements with Agents/Distributors
  • Shipping Agent/Shipping Line Appointment For Exporting
  • Payment Terms Settlements And Receiving Payments
  • Export Commercial Documentation
  • Post Export Benefits Claim

What We Deliver to Clients

Our Coaching is Fit for Everyone Who want to Learn Export Import. You choose what works best for you. We offer phone / Skype / WhatsApp sessions worldwide and on-site sessions within DELHI NCR Region in India.
Each session includes one-hour customized class based on your needs and goals:

  • During this hour, we discuss your needs and goals, provide you with advice, tools, help and guidance, plus give you some homework.
  • We provide the soft Copy of Each Session for Learner to Revise the Training matters and build more confidence toward exporting.

Export Import Business Learning Books, Exim Guide, Online Exim Training, Exim Tutor & Live Digital Export Import Training is one of those prominent digital organizations offering online facilities to various aspirants intending to enter lucrative foreign trade segment through exports or imports. We extend online assistance to people seeking critical and crucial information on various facets of trade. We give you a much required insight into a trade that is brings in rich dividends but needs definitely big efforts to establish.

Assisting and Online Digital Exim Training you to touch core areas of mechanics of Export Import – EXIM business training & growth is our primary objective.  Doubled up with an enviable track record and rich experience we have been consistently churning out successful exporters and importers out of budding possibilities through our self learning training programs. Getting intricate details of mechanism of this business before stepping on to this turf is supreme law of necessity and it surely plays a pivotal role in your investment’s future.

Download Free Export Import Book in PDF 

You will feel pressing need to get accustomed with framework of the agencies monitoring, controlling and defining EXIM regulations and laws. There are so many incentives and preferential offers extended, but how to identify and get them is a critical issue. How to fine tune working mechanism to gain a profitable entry into export or import segment?

Besides training, we offer EXIM Advisory Consultancy Service to enable you to appreciate differences and specific features of this global eCommerce. Domestic market mechanism and international trade scenario are completely different league altogether and have their individual dynamics. There are several social and political factors driving foreign trade i.e. bilateral and multi lateral agreements, global trading agreements and arrangements etc.

Having an in-depth knowledge of markets you are planning to hit is always an added advantage. You need to calculate and correlate several aspects like geographical location and demo graphical composition of targeted destination for your goods, size of market for your product or services, governmental regulations and controls, functional free trade zones and trade barriers etc.

This information must be gathered with a clear reference and indication of geographical diversity and basics of targeted international markets. These elements are critical for a successful business. Selection of appropriate tools of market assessment, analysis and interpretation is equally crucial.

International Marketing Services

    • Leverage Marketing into Sales Revenue


Exim Tutor’s  vision is “Teach to All and Reach to Global” with integrated IT-Web Technology formulation in International Trade, skills development and enhancement through Digital means where is people wants to perform their entrepreneurship.


Meet at door step Knowledge to develop “Export Entrepreneurship”, give the best contribution in Global Economy of the Nation.