Blockchain to be used to push farm exports

India’s natural farming could soon get a technological push through blockchain, as the government plans to use the technology across all export-driven crops to increase the country’s food shipments and incentivise farmers to take up chemical-free processes.

The Niti Aayog has launched a pilot project in collaboration with the Himachal Pradesh government on apple farming, to ensure quality production while also monitoring the produce across the entire storage and supply chain.

After the completion of the pilot project on apples, the technology will be replicated across other crops including mangoes, bananas, grapes and pomegranates, besides vegetables.

India ranks second in fruits and vegetable production in the world, after China, but its share in the global fruits and vegetable market is just 1%.

Under the blockchain technology, IoT sensors are used to generate crop data and its storage, distribution of grown crops to the food processing .

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