Reimagining your talent and technology strategies amid deglobalization

The deglobalization trend will accelerate as enterprises try to secure themselves from uncertainty, boost business resilience and mitigate risk.

The most visible impact of deglobalization will be the urgency to exploit local markets, build proximity to customers, and re-shore and near-shore.

To thrive in a deglobalized environment, enterprises will have to acquire new tools and technologies, in addition to technical capabilities.

The last two decades have seen a slow but remarkable change: the growth in the flow of goods across borders has been on the wane, while the flow of data between economic systems and geographies has seen an explosion. Globalization, as we know it, is changing in complexion. And the most immediate impact of the change will be on how enterprises use technology to quickly remodel their operations, drive product innovation, hire and train talent for new roles, and reduce business friction.

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