Uzbekistan-Tajikistan 2022 Trade Up 11.3%

The 2022 trend of increased intra Central Asian trade continues with Uzbekistan’s State Statistics Committee saying that the national trade with Tajikistan’s increased over the past year.

According to this data, Uzbekistan’s trade turnover with Tajikistan reached US$674.4 million in 2022, an increase of 11.3% compared to 2021 (US$605.6 million). During 2022 the value of Uzbek exports to Tajikistan increased by 3.5% to US$519.9 million. Tajik exports to Uzbekistan reached US$154.5 million, an increase of 49.1% compared to 2021.

Uzbekistan and Tajikistan continue to place a high premium on the growth of bilateral trade and economic cooperation. Tajikistan mainly exports electricity, cement, and cotton fiber to Uzbekistan, and imports Uzbek natural gas, mineral fertilizers, petroleum products, household appliances and related items.

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