A by-the-numbers look at lithium, a key commodity for automakers

After decades of subdued interest in lithium, rapidly rising demand and prices have made “white gold” one of the hottest sectors in the mining world.

Batteries are a foundational technology in the transition away from fossil fuels. And in order for automakers to electrify their fleets and renewable energy developers to meet their aggressive goals, the world will have to make a lot more of them. At least for now, lithium is in almost every EV battery, and that means demand for the metal likely isn’t going to slow any time soon.

So just how big is the appetite for lithium, and how much of this mineral is available to make the journey from extraction to a battery cell? Here’s a by-the-numbers look at the size of lithium demand as EV adoption accelerates and what it will take to scale the battery industry.

Source : emergingtechbrew.com/ For More Details

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