Year-round dragon fruit from Vietnam enables global exports

Nguyen Quoc Duan is General Direct at Vietnamese dragon fruit growing and export company Song Nam ITD Co., Ltd.. The company is based in Ho Chi Min City, with its farms in Vietnam’s Binh Thuan region. Binh Thuan is famous for the production of dragon fruit, with over 50,000 hectares of dragon fruit farms.

otal dragon fruit production is growing in Vietnam. Mr Duan comments about the industry trends: “Originally, dragon fruit was harvested once a year in Summer. Now modern growers are growing dragon fruit with additional lights. This makes that the crop can be harvested year-round. This has made it easier to extend the fruit’s market share and also export the crop to foreign markets and retailers. My family used to grow dragon fruit, and I grew up with the fruit as a child. I know everything about the fruit, farming, planting, harvesting and export practices.”

Song Nam ITD was one of the first companies to open up the international market for Vietnamese dragon fruit. According to Duan: “We started with the export of dragon fruit to countries like the US, Dubai, Australia and India. Currently, the US and India are our key export markets. In the beginning, India used to import a handful of containers each season. But with time we have steadily developed this market and now are the largest supplier of dragon fruit to India. China is a key market for Vietnamese dragon fruit. Before Covid, each day over a hundred containers from Vietnam were exported to China. There is growing domestic dragon fruit production in both India and China. But as this has to be done inside greenhouses, production costs are higher”.

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