Steady demand for white and red cabbage in food retail, sluggish export market

In the northern German growing region of Dithmarschen, the marketing of stored carrots is currently proceeding slowly. “The raw material is relatively expensive with mostly stable prices. In general, sales are a bit down, which may be partly due to the abundant supply situation. Domestic carrots are currently still offered in a wide range of varieties, whether bunch, snack, mixed or organic carrots, which is why the market is also somewhat saturated, in my view. We have been observing this trend for several years,” says Ralf Gerths, vegetable wholesaler and managing director of the Oesterwurth-based company of the same name.

The positive exception in the case of carrots is the 2-kg bag, which is generally being offered at a somewhat lower price and has accordingly carrying more favor with price-conscious consumers. From March, the first food retail chains are gradually switching to imported goods. “Our yields this year were somewhat lower than in previous years, but the quality of the stored goods has kept quite well. Accordingly, we expect to be able to market our stored products by mid-April,” Gerths predicts.

Steady demand for white and red cabbage in retail
As Germany’s northernmost growing region, Dithmarschen is known for its high-quality cabbage vegetables, especially white and red cabbage. “Sales of these goods to retailers are satisfactory. Prices are now becoming more stable in the white cabbage area. On the part of the wholesale markets, which we also supply, the demand for regional cabbage in bags is however frighteningly small,” Gerths adds.

Normally, exports to Central and Eastern European countries will gradually pick up around this time of year. “In contrast to the previous year, when the export market was particularly buoyant, export demand is extremely low right now,” says Gerths, pointing to the consequences of the Russia embargo in 2014. “That was a crucial date. Before that, we were able to send lots of goods eastward every year. We will never get those times again either, in my opinion.”

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