Insight – Opportunities for Australian sheepmeat exports to India

India’s growing population, rising consumer incomes, falling rates of vegetarianism and other demographic factors are increasing the demand for red meat.

India is a major global producer and consumer of carabeef (buffalo) and sheepmeat. Some sections of the population also consume beef (see Figure 1).

Sheepmeat has the strongest prospects for Australian exporters. This is due to dietary preferences and reduced tariffs under the Australia-India Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement (AI-ECTA).

Implications for Australian red meat exporters
Demand for red meat in India is growing. In the immediate term, India is likely to remain a small market for Australian red meat exports. However, there is potential for future growth.

AI-ECTA has reduced the import tariff on Australian sheepmeat from 30% to zero.

Australian sheepmeat exporters now have a tariff advantage over New Zealand, India’s main source of imported sheepmeat. This will make Australian sheepmeat more competitive in the Indian market.

Australian exporters should build relationships with Indian importers and retailers now to benefit from future opportunities.

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