Global Ivory Trade Requires Increased Awareness And Legislation For Endangered Species Protection

Regular readers of AfterImage Review know that environmental issues are a frequent topic of discussion. The global ivory trade is among the most complex issues concerning sustainability, endangered species, and the preservation of ecosystems around the world.

Reducing the demand for ivory products is part of the solution, but it will take decades of public awareness campaigns targeted at people of all ages to achieve a significant reduction in the number of people collecting items made from modern ivory. Both the legal and illegal trade in ivory continue to flourish.

Ivory comes from the tusks of elephants and walruses, the teeth of hippopotamus and whales, and the tusks of narwhals, the only species of whales with tusks. Today, collectors mainly seek decorative items made from ivory, unlike in previous centuries when ivory was used for a vast array of products, including hair combs, knife handles, and jewelry. In recent years, all confiscated shipments of ivory contained decorative items.

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