Ministry of E & IT & Directorate General of Foreign Trade launches online import management system

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology and the Directorate General of Foreign Trade launched an online import management system for the issuance of authorization for the import of Information Technology hardware. Briefing the media about the online portal, Electronics and Information Technology Secretary, S. Krishnan said that the portal developed in collaboration with the Department of Revenue is an end-to-end online system introduced to make import authorization seamless, faceless, paperless, and contactless. Laptops, tablets, personal computers, and servers will be covered under the import management system. The import authorizations shall be valid till 30th November 2024.

Highlighting the importance of the electronics sector in the economy, Mr. Krishnan said, that electronics will become the largest manufacturing industry in the world in the coming years. He said, the online import management system aims to create a trusted digital system that will enable India to have a significant presence in the industry. He added that the portal will enable a trusted supply chain, promote domestic manufacturing, and secure cyberspace from any threats.

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