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Export Import Business Training And Exim Tutor’s Book: Global Self Learner’s Choice

Welcome to Exim Tutor’s Book – Global Self Learner’s Choice. This book is designed to be a comprehensive guide for individuals interested in the world of Export-Import or Foreign Trade. With this book, you will be introduced to the fundamentals of export-import procedures, business development strategies, commercial documentation, and digital export business development.

If you are interested in export and import (foreign trade), you will benefit from the Exim Tutor’s Book. It is a comprehensive guide for individuals who are interested in starting their own export and import business. The book is divided into five parts, each of which covers a different aspect of foreign trade.

Part A: Export Import (Foreign Trade) Introduction

Chapter 1: Introduction of EXPORT IMPORT (Foreign Trade)
Chapter 2: Procedure to Start Export Business
Chapter 3: Procedure To Start Import Business
Chapter 4: New Exporters Need to Be Aware About
Chapter 5: Global Market Strategic Plan Development

Part A of Exim Tutor’s Book covers the basics of the export and import business. It introduces readers to the concepts of foreign trade and the procedures required to start an export or import business. It also covers important factors that new exporters need to be aware of, such as the global market and strategic development plan.

Part B: Export Business Development Procedures

Chapter 1: Export Business Communications
Chapter 2: Ethics In Export Trade
Chapter 3: Export Negotiation Strategies
Chapter 4: New Market Observation and New Buyer Identification Tips
Chapter 5: Export Trade Research Demand
Chapter 6: Product Promotion in New Foreign Market
Chapter 7: Export Negotiations With Foreign Buyers
Chapter 8: Export Contract Methods
Chapter 9: Exchange Rate Agreements Buyers
Chapter 10: How to Select and Evaluate Foreign Market
Chapter 11: Foreign Market Test and Feedback
Chapter 12: Factors Affecting the Export Business Demand
Chapter 13: Measures to Promote Exports
Chapter 14: Planning Export Product Pricing Policy (EPPP)
Chapter 15: Aware of 13 INCOTERMS

Part B of Exim Tutor’s Book covers the development procedures involved in export business. It provides readers with tips and strategies for effective communication and negotiation, as well as identifying new buyers and markets. It also covers important topics such as export research demand, product promotion, contract methods, and export pricing policy.

Part C: Export Commercial Documentation

Chapter 1: Export Business Procedures
Chapter 2: Export Business Documents
Chapter 3: Challenge Of International Logistics During Export
Chapter 4: Know About Exim Finance
Chapter 5: FEDAI Rules In Foreign Exchange
Chapter 6: Export Crystallization Process
Chapter 7: About Foreign Exchange Management Act – FEMA 2000
Chapter 8: Foreign Trade Laws

Part C of Exim Tutor’s Book covers export commercial documentation. It provides readers with detailed information on export procedures, documentation, logistics, finance, and foreign exchange management. It also covers important laws related to foreign trade.

Part D: Digital Export Business Development

Chapter 1: Role of e-Commerce in the Export Business – Selling Products through Websites
Chapter 2: How To Evaluate Websites To Increase More Export Enquiries
Chapter 3: Export Trade – Digital/Online Products/Services Promotion
Chapter 4: Digital Asset Optimization and Development for Online Exports

Part D of Exim Tutor’s Book covers the digital aspect of export business development. It provides readers with information on the role of eCommerce in the export business and how to use it effectively. It also covers digital/online products/services promotion, website evaluation, and optimization for online exports.

Part E: Miscellaneous and Important

Importer Exporter Code Number – IEC Code Procedure in India (Online/Offline)

Part E of the Exim Tutor’s Book covers miscellaneous and important topics related to export business. It provides readers with information on the IEC code procedure in India and encourages them to enjoy a successful career as an exporter.

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