Export Post-Shipmnt Finance

Post-Shipment Finance

Post shipment finance is made available to an exporter after shipping the order or consignment of goods ordered.

This credit facility is generally granted for the period starting from the date of shipment to the final realization of the finances from the export deal.

In this case the supplier or the exporting concern does not have to wait for the buyer or importer to transfer the funds into exporter’s account.

In instances of deemed export transaction this facility is granted to provide liquidity in lieu of the merchandise supplied to specified concerns and organizations in the export contract.

The basis of such a credit is taken on the supporting substantiating the shipment of the supplies to the importers or the organizations or agents specified in the contract of supply .

This facility is extended by discounting :

  • The export bills under letter of credit
  • Bills raised on shipping of goods
  • Usance bills or custom bills (D/A Bills ) raised on merchandise shipped

Kinds of Facilities

This kind of financial advances can be secured or un-secured in nature, as the institution grants this facility in return to substantial proof of shipment.

The financial institution extending such credit retains the documentation describing the title of such shipments. In these cases the credit facilities are generally settled on their own as the advance are against the retained balance of payment in the transaction of exported goods.

This kind of credit grants can be classified as :

  • Short term financing for a short tenure pertaining to a period of 6 months
  • Medium tenure credit are granted for a period of more than 6 months upt a maximum of 5 years. These facilities are extended for exporters involved in consumer durables and light capital goods. These grants are provided by commercial banks in collaboration with EXIM Bank Of India
  • Long term credit advances are granted for period beyond 5 years where commodities involved are capital goods, complete plants and turn key projects

Forfaiting is also a way of post shipment financing through which an exporter can convert an overseas credit transaction into liquidity by selling the export proceed receivables to a forfeiter agency in lieu of certain service charges. In this transaction the bill of exchange is transferred by the exporter to forfeiting agency and gets cash in return. This financing is extended to an exporter usually for a period of 180 days or beyond. In this case A letter of credit or a guarantee is raised by a bank, usually in the importer’s country.

Amount of credit

The amount of credit can be disbursed upto 100% of billed value of merchandise. There is a special provision of providing credit limit upto the value of the merchandise as per the value of goods in domestic markets, if in case the price of foods in question exceeds the export quotes. The difference of price of borne by the government.