Export Import Business Digital One-To-One Export & Import Coaching Session

Learn Export Business from the Comfort of Your Home

Our Customised Training Fee is Rs. 5000/- for 10 Classes /  30 Minutes each session. 

Are you ready to embark on a journey to success? 🚀 Join our Online Doorstep Export Business Live Training Session and turn your dreams of global trade into reality!

🌍 Why Export Business?

  • Access a world of opportunities from your home.
  • Explore international markets and boost your business.
  • Learn the ins and outs of successful global trade.

🖥️ What You’ll Gain:

  • In-depth knowledge of export strategies and tactics.
  • Live training sessions are led by industry experts.
  • Practical insights for doorstep implementation.
  • Networking opportunities with fellow learners.

🏠 Learn from Anywhere:

  • Attend sessions from the comfort of your home.
  • Flexible schedule to suit your lifestyle.
  • No geographical barriers to your learning journey.

💼 Who should Join it?

  • Entrepreneurs are looking to expand their horizons.
  • Startups aim for global market penetration.
  • Individuals keen on mastering the art of export business.

🎓 Course Highlights:

  • Global Market Research: Navigate international markets with confidence.
  • Step-by-Step Export Procedures: From documentation to shipment.
  • Online Tools & Resources: Leverage technology for success.
  • Practical Insights: Learn from real-world case studies.
  • Q&A Sessions: Get answers to your specific queries.

📅 Mark Your Calendar: Date & Time

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Don’t miss this chance to redefine your business and become a global player! 🌟✈️

Note: All sessions will be conducted in Hindi and English

Unlock the secrets of international trade with our personalized coaching for Online Export-Import Business Training. Elevate your skills with a dedicated coach guiding you through the intricacies of global commerce. Embark on a journey to success in the world of import and export, tailored just for you.

EXIM Tutor’s ONE-TO-ONE Online Digital Training!

Highlights Course Contents

  • Export Markets Research And Demand Identification.
  • Foreign Buyers/Agents Identification.
  • Export Product Pricing Policy Making.
  • Export Market Plan Creation and Development
  • Export Agreements with Agents/Distributors.
  • Shipping Agent/Shipping Line Appointment For Exporting.
  • Payment Terms Settlements.
  • Export Goods Despatch Documentation.
  • Post Export Benefits Claim.

Learn with EXIM Tutor/Coach to get your International Trade up. One-To-One Training Sessions over Phone / Skype or On-Site Sessions are available.

Full course approx 10 Seeeion / 30 Mints each available over Digital Platform Online, Zoom, Skype & WhatsApp.

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