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New Exporters Need to Know About These Topics

Exporter’s Helpful Topics :

  • Foreign Trade Laws
  • FEMA Act 1999 & 20002
  • Customs Rules & Regulation
  • Customs Tariff Act
  • BIS Standards
  • International Quality Standards of Products and Services
  • Labeling and Packaging
  • Shipping Agent Selection
  • Sea and Air Freight Rate Negotiations with Freight Brokers
  • CHA (Customs House Agent) Selection for Customs Clearance

When entering into a new venture such as exports there are numerous preliminary exercises you must go through to be successfully establish yourself and run this business. It is always important to have an in-depth knowledge on various aspects of the land of the law, which plays an important role both in monitoring the trade practices in the country. There are certain procedural legislations that have been incorporated into statutes to regulate various areas of exports and imports. Most prominent of them being.

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