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Scheme Code For Various Export Promotion Schemes

Scheme Code Scheme Description
00 Free SB Involving Remittance Of Foreign Exchange
01 Advance License With Actual User Condition
02 Advance License For Intermediate Supplies
03 Advance License
04 Advance Release Order
05 Advance License For Deemed Exports
06 DEPB Post Export
07 DEPB-Pre Export
08 Replenishment Licence
09 Diamond Imprest Licence
10 Bulk License
11 Concessional Duty EPCG Scheme
12 Zero Duty EPCG Scheme
13 CCP
14 Import License For Restricted Items Of Imports
15 Special Import License
16 Export License
17 Advance Licence for annual requirement
19 Drawback
20 Jobbing(JBG)
22 Duty Free Credit Entitlement Certificate
23 Target Plus Scheme
24 Vishesh Krishi Upaj Yojana (VKUY)
25 DFCE for Status holder
26 Duty Free Import Authorization
27 Focus Market Scheme
28 Focus Product Scheme
29 High Tech Products Export Promotion Scheme
30 EPCG Duty Based
31 Status Holder Incentive Scheme
35 Incremental Incentivisation Scheme
36 Merchandise Export Incentive Scheme
37 Service Export Incentive Scheme
40 DBK and Advance Licence for annual requirement
41 Drawback And Advance License
43 Drawback And Zero Duty EPCG
44 Drawback And Concessional Duty EPCG
45 Drawback And Pre Export DEPB
46 Drawback And Post Export DEPB
47 Drawback And JBG
48 Drawback And Diamond Imprest Licence
49 Drawback And EOU/EPZ/SEZ
50 EPCG And Advance Licence
52 EPCG and JBG
53 EPCG And Diamond Imprest Licence
54 EPCG And Replenishment Licence
55 EPCG and DEPB(Post Exports)
56 EPCG and Advance Licence for annual requirement
59 EPCG and DFIA
60 Drawback and Rebate of State Levies
61 EPCG,Drawback and Rebate of State Levies
62 Drawback and special DEEC(4.04A)
63 EPCG,Drawback and special DEEC(4.04A)
64 Drawback,special DEEC(4.04A) and Rebate of State Levis
65 EPCG,Drawback “&” special DEEC(4.04A) and Rebate of State Levis
71 EPCG,Drawback And DEEC
73 EPCG,DRAWBACK And Jobbing
74 EPCG Drawback And Diamond Imprest Licence
75 EPCG Drawback And DEPB Post Export
76 Epcg, Drawback And Depb (Pre-export)
79 EPCG ,Drawback and DFIA
80 EPCG,Drawback and Advance Licence for annual requirement
81 DFIA and Drawback
98 Free Shipping Bill involving Indian Currency
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