About Export Import EDI Ports in India

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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a crucial element in facilitating the exchange of business information between trading partners. With the increasing use of technology in business processes, EDI has become a popular method for exchanging information related to importing and exporting.

In India, several ports have implemented EDI systems to streamline and facilitate the movement of goods in and out of the country. Some of the major EDI ports in India for exporting and importing include:

  1. Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT): Located in Mumbai, JNPT is the largest container port in India and has a highly sophisticated EDI system for facilitating trade.
  2. Chennai Port Trust: Chennai Port Trust is one of the oldest ports in India and is also a major EDI port for importing and exporting.
  3. Mundra Port: Located in Gujarat, Mundra Port is a fast-growing port in India and has implemented an advanced EDI system to facilitate the smooth movement of goods.
  4. Cochin Port: Cochin Port is located in Kerala and is a major port for the export of spices, tea, and coffee. The port has an advanced EDI system for facilitating trade.
  5. Krishnapatnam Port: Located in Andhra Pradesh, Krishnapatnam Port is a deep-water port and has implemented an advanced EDI system for facilitating trade.
  6. Kandla Port: Kandla Port is one of the major ports in India for importing and exporting and has an advanced EDI system for facilitating trade.
  7. Tuticorin Port: Tuticorin Port is located in Tamil Nadu and is a major port for exporting granite, cotton, and spices. The port has an advanced EDI system for facilitating trade.
  8. Visakhapatnam Port: Visakhapatnam Port is located in Andhra Pradesh and is a major port for exporting iron ore and other minerals. The port has an advanced EDI system for facilitating trade.
  9. Ennore Port: Ennore Port is located in Tamil Nadu and is a major port for importing coal and petroleum products. The port has an advanced EDI system for facilitating trade.
  10. Goa Port: Goa Port is located in the state of Goa and is a major port for exporting iron ore and other minerals. The port has an advanced EDI system for facilitating trade.

In conclusion, using EDI ports can significantly improve the speed and efficiency of importing and exporting goods in and out of India. The above mentioned EDI ports have state-of-the-art systems to facilitate trade and offer unparalleled opportunities for growth and expansion in the export business.

EDI Port Code  List in India for Exporting and Importing

Location Code Location Desc. Country Code State
INCNB1 Car-Nicobar IN Andaman and Nicobar
INCRN1 Cornwallis IN Andaman and Nicobar
INMYB1 May abandar IN Andaman and Nicobar
INESH1 Elphinstone Harbour IN Andaman and Nicobar
INRGT1 Ranghat Bay IN Andaman and Nicobar
INMDW1 Meadows IN Andaman and Nicobar
NNAN1 Nancowrie IN Andaman and Nicobar Isl.
INIXZ1 Port Blair IN Andaman and Nicobar Isl.
INIXZ4 Port Blair IN Andaman and Nicobar Isl.
INHYD4 Hyderabad Air Car go IN Andhra Pradesh
INBNP1 Bheem unipatnam IN Andhra Pradesh
INNVP1 Navaspur IN Andhra Pradesh
INVTZ1 Vizac Sea IN Andhra Pradesh
INSRV1 Surasani – Yanam IN Andhra Pradesh
INVTZ6 Visakhapatnam (EPZ/ SEZ) IN Andhra Pradesh
INVRU1 Vadarevu IN Andhra Pradesh
INKAK1 Kakinada IN Andhra Pradesh
INRPL6 Raddipalem IN Andhra Pradesh
INKDD6 Karedu IN Andhra Pradesh
INVTZ4 Vishakapatnam IN Andhra Pradesh
INAPT6 Anaparthi IN Andhra Pradesh
INCLX6 Chirala IN Andhra Pradesh
INSNF6 Hyderabad IN Andhra Pradesh
INCOI6 Kakinada IN Andhra Pradesh
INMAP1 Masulipatnam IN Andhra Pradesh
INKRI1 Krishnapatnam IN Andhra Pradesh
INAKP6 APIICL   SEZ/ Visakhapatnam IN Andhra Pradesh
INTNI6 HIPL   SEZ/ Visakhapatnam IN Andhra Pradesh
INAKR6 RPCIP L   SEZ/ Visakhapatnam IN Andhra Pradesh
INVZM6 DLL SEZ/ Visakhapatnam IN Andhra Pradesh
INAKB6 BIACPL SEZ/ Visakhapatnam IN Andhra Pradesh
INNPGB Nampong IN Arunachal Pradesh
INDRGB Darranga IN Assam
INGAU4 Gauhati IN Assam
INGHWB Gauhati Steamerghat IN Assam
INDHBB Dhubri Steamerghat IN Assam
INGTGB Gitaldah road IN Assam
INGKJ2 Golakganj Raiiway Station IN Assam
INHTSB Hatisar IN Assam
INKGJB Karimganj Steamerghat and Ferry Ghat IN Assam
INSTRB Sutarkandi IN Assam
INSLRB Silcher Steam erghat IN Assam
INSLR2 Silcher R.M.S. Office IN Assam
INPHBB Phulbari IN Assam
INNMTB Neamatisteamer Ghat IN Assam
INMNUB Manu IN Assam
INMKCB Manikarchar IN Assam
INMHN2 Mahisashan Railway Station IN Assam
INLTBB Latu Bazar IN Assam
INULPB Ultapani IN Assam
INTJPB Tezpur Steame rghat IN Assam
INKXJ2 Karimganj Railway Station IN Assam
INHLD2 Haldi b ari Railway Station IN Assam
INGKJB Golakganj (LCS ) IN Assam
INAMG6 Amingaon(Gauhati) IN Assam
INRXL8 Rexaul IN Bihar
INGALB Galgalia IN Bihar
  Jogbani IN Bihar
INSNBB Sonabarsa IN Bihar
INRXLB Raxaul IN Bihar
INKNLB Kunauli IN Bihar
INKTRB Kathihar IN Bihar
INJAYB Jayanagar IN Bihar
INBTMB Bhithamore(Sursnad) IN Bihar
INBGUB Bairgania IN Bihar
INBNRB Bhimnagar IN Bihar
INGAY4 Gaya IN Bihar
INPAT4 Patna IN Bihar
INRAI6 Raipur IN Chhattisgarh
INDAM1 Daman & Diu IN Daman &Diu
INSHP1 Sinb hour Port IN Daman and Diu
INDEL4 Delhi Air Cargo IN Delhi
  Delhi Railway Station IN Delhi
INTKD6 Tughlakabad IN Delhi
  Patparganj IN Delhi
INMRM1 Goa Sea IN Goa
INTPN1 Talpona IN Goa
INPPJ1 Pellet Plant Jetty at Shiroda IN Goa
INPNJ1 Panjim IN Goa
INCHR1 Chapora IN Goa
INBET1 Betul IN Goa
INMDG6 Margao IN Goa
INGOI4 Dabolim IN Goa
INPAN1 Panaji Port IN Goa
INSBI6 Sabarmati ICD IN Gujarat
INPAV1 Pipavav(Victor) Port IN Gujarat
INBED1 Bedi (Including Rozi-Jam nagar) IN Gujarat
INBGW1 Bhagwa IN Gujarat
INKDN1 Kodinar (Muldwarka) IN Gujarat
INKVI1 Kavi IN Gujarat
INGHA1 Ghogha IN Gujarat
INGIN6 Gandhidham IN Gujarat
INDRK1 Dwarka (Rupen) IN Gujarat
INDHR1 Dholera IN Gujarat
INCMB1 Cambay IN Gujarat
INBSR1 Bulsar IN Gujarat
INBLM1 Bilimora IN Gujarat
INHZA6 Hazira SEZ / Surat IN Gujarat
INBHD6 Dahez SEZ IN Gujarat
INLPJ6 Reliance SEZ/ Jamnagar IN Gujarat
INBCO6 Euro M ultivisio n Bhachau SEZ / Kutch IN Gujarat
INAJE6 Wels pun A n jar SEZ /Anjar IN Gujarat
INJBL6 E-Complex SEZ / Am reli IN Gujarat
INKDL6 Kandla SEZ / Gandhidham IN Gujarat
INVAL6 Valvada ICD IN Gujarat
INSBH1 Sinbhour IN Gujarat
INSMR1 Simor IN Gujarat
INRJP1 Rajpara IN Gujarat
INONJ1 Onjal IN Gujarat
INOMU1 Old Mundra IN Gujarat
INNVB1 Navabunder IN Gujarat
INMTW1 Metwad IN Gujarat
INKTW1 Koteshwar IN Gujarat
INKTD1 Kotda IN Gujarat
INUMR1 Umarsadi IN Gujarat
INTNK1 T ankari IN Gujarat
INBYT1 Beyt IN Gujarat
INADA6 Adalaj IN Gujarat
INBHU1 Bhavanagar IN Gujarat
INDIV1 Div IN Gujarat
INIXY1 Kandla IN Gujarat
INJBD1 Jafrabad IN Gujarat
INUMB1 Umbergoan IN Gujarat
INTUN1 Tuna IN Gujarat
INTJA1 Talaja IN Gujarat
INSIK1 Sikka IN Gujarat
INSAL1 Salaya IN Gujarat
INPIN1 Pindhara IN Gujarat
INPBD1 Po rban d ar IN Gujarat
INOKH1 Okha IN Gujarat
INNAV1 Navlakhi IN Gujarat
INRAJ6 Rajkot IN Gujarat
INVPI6 Vapi IN Gujarat
INSTV6 Surat (EPZ/ SEZ) IN Gujarat
INIXY6 Kandla (EPZ/ SEZ) IN Gujarat
INSAC6 Sachin(Surat) IN Gujarat
INKAP6 Kapadra(Surat ) IN Gujarat
INBRC6 Baroda IN Gujarat
INAMD5 Amhedabad IN Gujarat
INAMD4 Ahmedabad IN Gujarat
INMDV1 Mandvi IN Gujarat
INVVA1 Veraval IN Gujarat
INVSI1 Vansi-Borsi IN Gujarat
INVAD1 Vadinar IN Gujarat
INMUN1 Mundra IN Gujarat
INMLI1 Maroli IN Gujarat
INMHA1 Mahuva IN Gujarat
INMGR1 Mangrol IN Gujarat
INMDK1 Muldwarka IN Gujarat
INMDA1 Magdalla IN Gujarat
INKOK1 Koka IN Gujarat
INJDA1 Jodia IN Gujarat
INJAK1 Jakhau IN Gujarat
INGGA1 Gogha IN Gujarat
INDAH1 Dahej IN Gujarat
INBRH1 Broach IN Gujarat
INAKV6 Ankleshwar IN Gujarat
INCHN6 Vadodara – Chhani IN Gujarat
INSAU6 Thar Dry Port – Ahemdabad ICD IN Gujarat
INAJM6 Mundra Port SEZ IN Gujarat
INGHR6 Garhi Harsaru – Gurgao n ICD IN Haryana
INREA6 Rewari IN Haryana
INPTL6 Patli ICD IN Haryana
INNUR6 Kundli IN Haryana
INPNP6 Babarpur IN Haryana
INFBD6 Faridabad IN Haryana
INNGSB Village Namgay a Shipkila IN Himachal Pradesh
INSXR4 Srinagar IN Jammu & Kashmir
INBBM6 Bari Brahma IN Jammu Kashmir
INIXW6 Jamshedpur (ICD) IN Jharkhand
INTAT6 Jamshedpur (ICD) IN Jharkhand
INBLR4 Banglore Air Cargo IN Karnataka
INBLR5 Bangalore IN Karnataka
INDRU6 Belgaum – De sur IN Karnataka
INCDP1 Coondapur(Ganguly) IN Karnataka
INPDD1 Padubidri Minor Po rt IN Karnataka
INKRW1 Karw ar(including Sardeshivagad) IN Karnataka
INHWR1 Honawar IN Karnataka
INHGT1 Hangarkatta IN Karnataka
INBTK1 Bhatkal IN Karnataka
INBKR1 Belekeri IN Karnataka
INBDR1 Baindur IN Karnataka
INNML1 Mangalore Sea IN Karnataka
INBGQ6 Quest SEZ Be lgaum IN Karnataka
INMAQ6 Mangalore SEZ IN Karnataka
INUDI6 Suzlon SEZ / Udipi IN Karnataka
INBNC6 KBITS SEZ / Bangalore IN Karnataka
INHSP6 KIADBP SEZ / Hassan IN Karnataka
INHSF6 KIADBFP SEZ / Hassan IN Karnataka
INHST6 KIADBT SEZ / Hassan IN Karnataka
INSBC6 Bioco n SEZ / Bangalore IN Karnataka
INBLK1 Belekeri IN Karnataka
INCOO1 Coondapur (Ganguly) IN Karnataka
INMAL1 Malpe IN Karnataka
INHAS6 Hassan (EPZ/ SEZ) IN Karnataka
INWFD6 Bangalore IN Karnataka
INTRI1 Tadri IN Karnataka
INIXE1 Mangalore IN Karnataka
INTRV4 Triv endrun Air Cargo IN Kerala
INANG1 Anijengo IN Kerala
INBDG1 Badagara IN Kerala
INKAL1 Kallai IN Kerala
INKSG1 Kasargod IN Kerala
INKVL1 Kov alam IN Kerala
INMHE1 Mahe IN Kerala
INPNN1 Po nna n i IN Kerala
INCCT6 KINFRAFP SEZ / Ko zhikkode IN Kerala
INTVC6 KINFRAA SEZ / Thiruv ananthapuram IN Kerala
INERV6 Vallarpadom SEZ / Ernakulam IN Kerala
INERP6 Puthuvy peen SEZ / Ernakulam IN Kerala
INRKG1 Rajakkam angalam IN Kerala
INMLP1 Mallipuram IN Kerala
INLPR1 Leapuram IN Kerala
INKDP1 Ko ndia p etnam IN Kerala
INKND1 Kankudy IN Kerala
INCNN1 Cannanore IN Kerala
INCOK1 Cochin Sea IN Kerala
INALF1 Allepey IN Kerala
INCOK6 Cochin (EPZ/SEZ) IN Kerala
INARR6 Aroor IN Kerala
INCCJ4 Karipur(Calicut) IN Kerala
INMCI1 Minicoy Island IN Kerala
INTEL1 Tellichery IN Kerala
INVZJ1 Vazhinjam IN Kerala
INCOK4 Cochin IN Kerala
INNEE1 Neendakara IN Kerala
INCCJ1 C.H. Kozikode IN Kerala
INAZK1 Azhikkal IN Kerala
INKYM6 Kottayam (10.11.09) IN Kerala
INAGI1 Agatti Isla nd IN Lakshadweep
INKTI1 Kiltan Island IN Lakshadweep
INADI1 Androth Island IN Lakshadweep
INBTR1 Bitra Island IN Lakshadweep
INCTI1 Chettat Island IN Lakshadweep
INKVT1 Kavarat ti Island IN Lakshadweep
INKDI1 Kadmat lsland IN Lakshadweep
INAMI1 Amini IsTand IN Lakshadweep
INMPR6 Mala npur ICD IN Madhya Pradesh
INKHD6 Kheda -Dhar ICD IN Madhya Pradesh
INDHA6 Indore-D hannad IN Madhya Pradesh
INMDD6 Mandideep IN Madhya Pradesh
INIDR4 Indore IN Madhya Pradesh
INGWL6 Malanpur(Gwalior) IN Madhya Pradesh
ININD6 Pitham pur IN Madhya Pradesh
INIDR6 In d ore ( EPZ/ SEZ) IN Madhya Pradesh
INACH1 Achra IN Maharas hlra
INBOM4 Bom bay Air Cargo IN Maharashtra
INNSA1 Nhava Sheva Sea IN Maharashtra
INVYD1 Vijaydurg IN Maharashtra
INVNG1 Vengurla IN Maharashtra
INVSV1 Varsava IN Maharashtra
INVRD1 Varavda IN Maharashtra
INUTN1 Uttan IN Maharashtra
INULW1 Ulwa IN Maharashtra
INTMP1 Trom bay IN Maharashtra
INTNA1 Thana IN Maharashtra
INTHL1 Thal IN Maharashtra
INTRP1 Tarapur IN Maharashtra
INDEG1 Deogad IN Maharashtra
INDLB6 Daulat abad ICD IN Maharashtra
INDTW1 Dantiwara IN Maharashtra
INDHN1 Dahanu IN Maharashtra
INBRY1 Borya IN Maharashtra
INBRM1 Borlai – M andla IN Maharashtra
INBSL6 Bhusaval ICD IN Maharashtra
INBWN1 Bhiwandi IN Maharashtra
INBLP1 Belapur IN Maharashtra
INKRP1 Kiranpani IN Maharashtra
INKIW1 Kelwa IN Maharashtra
INKSH1 Kelshi IN Maharashtra
INKRN1 Karanja IN Maharashtra
INKLY1 Kalyan IN Maharashtra
INJTP1 Jaitapur IN Maharashtra
INJGD1 Jaigad IN Maharashtra
INHRN1 Harnai IN Maharashtra
INDIG1 Dighi Port IN Maharashtra
INJNR4 Nashik-Janori ACC IN Maharashtra
INJNR6 Nashik-Janori ICD IN Maharashtra
INTLG6 Pune-Talego an ICD IN Maharashtra
INMWA6 ICD M aliwada IN Maharashtra
INPVL6 Panvel IN Maharashtra
INSWD1 Shriwardhan IN Maharashtra
INSTP1 Satpati IN Maharashtra
INRJR1 Rajpuri IN Maharashtra
INPRG1 Purangad IN Maharashtra
INPSH1 Palshet IN Maharashtra
INNVT1 Nivti IN Maharashtra
INNWP1 Newapur IN Maharashtra
INNDG1 Nandgaon IN Maharashtra
INMRD1 Murad IN Maharashtra
INGRD6 Mumbai DP-II IN Maharashtra
INGRR6 Mumbai -DP-I IN Maharashtra
INMRA1 Mora IN Maharashtra
INMRJ6 Miraj IN Maharashtra
INMNR1 Manori IN Maharashtra
INMNW1 Mandwa IN Maharashtra
INMLW1 Malwan IN Maharashtra
INKMB1 Kumbharu IN Maharashtra
INBSN1 Bassein IN Maharashtra
INBKT1 Bankot IN Maharashtra
INBND1 Bandra IN Maharashtra
INANL1 Arnala IN Maharashtra
INABG1 Alibag IN Maharashtra
INBOM1 Bombay Sea IN Maharashtra
INDHP1 Dabhol Port IN Maharashtra
INRED1 Redi IN Maharashtra
INKHP6 Khopta (EPZ/ SEZ) IN Maharashtra
INBOM6 Mumbai (EPZ/ SEZ) IN Maharashtra
INCCH6 Chinchwad ( ICD) IN Maharashtra
INWAL6 Waluj( Aurangabad) IN Maharashtra
INPMP6 Pimpri IN Maharashtra
INNSK6 Nasik IN Maharashtra
INNGP6 Nagpur IN Maharashtra
INMUL6 Mulund IN Maharashtra
INJAL6 Jalgaon IN Maharashtra
INDIG6 Dighi(Pune) IN Maharashtra
INNAG4 Nagpur IN Maharashtra
INPNQ4 Pune IN Maharashtra
INDHU1 Dahanu IN Maharashtra
INRVD1 Revdanda IN Maharashtra
INRTC1 Ratnagiri IN Maharashtra
INRNR1 Ranpar IN Maharashtra
INDMT1 Dharamtar IN Maharashtra
INMREB Moreh IN Manipur
INIMF4 Imphal IN Manipur
INBGMB Baghmara IN Meghalaya
INBRAB Barsora IN Meghalaya
INSBZB Shella Bazar IN Meghalaya
INRGUB Ryngku IN Meghalaya
INMGHB Mahe ndraganj IN Meghalaya
INGHPB Ghasuapara IN Meghalaya
INDWKB Dawki IN Meghalaya
INDLUB Dalu IN Meghalaya
INBOLB Bolanganj IN Meghalaya
INBLTB Balet IN Meghalaya
INCHPB Champai IN Mizoram
INDMRB Dem agir IN Nagaland
INBBP1 Bahabal Pur IN Orissa
INPRT1 Paradeep IN Orissa
INBBI4 Bhubaneswar IN Orissa
INGPR1 Gopalpur IN Orissa
INKRK1 Karaikal IN Pondicherry
INPNY1 Pondicherry IN Pondicherry
INPNY6 Pondicherry ICD IN Pondicherry
INLUD6 Ludhiana IN Punjab
INASR2 Amritsar Railway Station IN Punjab
INATT2 Attari Railway Station IN Punjab
INATRB Attari Road IN Punjab
INATQ4 Rajasansi(Amritsar) IN Punjab
INJUC6 Jalandhar IN Punjab
INLDH6 Ludhiana IN Punjab
INASR6 Amritsar IN Punjab
INBTI6 Bhatinda IN Punjab
INJAI6 Jaipur ICD IN Rajasthan
INTHA6 Thar Dry Port – Jodhpur ICD IN Rajasthan
INMNB2 Munabao Railway Station IN Rajasthan
INKKU6 Kanakpura – Jaipur ICD IN Rajasthan
INBRN6 Jodhpur- Boranda (EP Z/SEZ) IN Rajasthan
INJAI5 Jaipur IN Rajasthan
INJSZ6 Jaipur – Sitapur (EPZ/ SEZ) IN Rajasthan
INBGK6 Bhagatki Kothi – Jodhpur ICD IN Rajasthan
INBMR2 Barmer Railway Statio n IN Rajasthan
INJAI4 Jaipur IN Rajasthan
INBHL6 Bhilwara IN Rajasthan
INJUX6 Jodhpur IN Rajasthan
INUDZ6 Udaipur IN Rajasthan
INKTT6 Kota IN Rajasthan
INBWD6 Bhiwadi IN Rajasthan
INCHMB Chamurchi IN Sikkim
INAJJ6 Arakkonam – Me lpakkam – Chennai ICD IN Tamil Nadu
INIXM6 Madurai ICD IN Tamil Nadu
INCHE6 Tiruppur – Chettipalayam CFS IN Tamil Nadu
INIGU6 Coim batore – Irug u r ICD IN Tamil Nadu
INMAA6 Chennai (EPZ/ SEZ) IN Tamil Nadu
INMAA4 Chennai Air Cargo IN Tamil Nadu
INTUT1 Tuticorin Sea IN Tamil Nadu
INTUT6 Tutico rin ICD IN Tamil Nadu
INMAA1 Chennai Sea IN Tamil Nadu
INDSK1 Dhanu – Shkodi IN Tamil Nadu
INKSP1 Kulasekarapatnam IN Tamil Nadu
INPTN1 Portonovo IN Tamil Nadu
INTPH1 Thopputhurai IN Tamil Nadu
INTDE6 Tudiyalur – Coimbatore ICD IN Tamil Nadu
INTND1 Tondi IN Tamil Nadu
INTHO6 Tiruppur – Thottiplayam ICD IN Tamil Nadu
INRWR1 Rameshwaram IN Tamil Nadu
INPMB1 Pam ban IN Tamil Nadu
INKKR1 Kilakari IN Tamil Nadu
INCHL1 Colachel IN Tamil Nadu
INTRL6 Tiruvallur ICD IN Tamil Nadu
INILP6 Tiruvallur-ILP ICD IN Tamil Nadu
INCDL1 Cuddalore IN Tamil Nadu
INNPT1 Nagapattinam IN Tamil Nadu
INTYR1 Tirukkadayyur IN Tamil Nadu
INVKM1 Valinokkam IN Tamil Nadu
INSLL6 Singnallur IN Tamil Nadu
INTUP6 Tirupur IN Tamil Nadu
INSXT6 Salem IN Tamil Nadu
INCBE6 Coimbatore IN Tamil Nadu
INTRZ4 Tiruchirapalli IN Tamil Nadu
INCJB4 Coimbatore IN Tamil Nadu
INVEP1 Veppalodai IN Tamil Nadu
INRAM1 Rameshwaram IN Tamil Nadu
INMDP1 Mandapam IN Tamil Nadu
INENR1 Ennore IN Tamil Nadu
INAGTB Agartala IN Tripura
INMHGB Mahurighat IN Tripura
INSABB Sab r oo m IN Tripura
INSMPB Srimant apur IN Tripura
INRGBB Old Raghna Bazar IN Tripura
INKWGB Khow aighat IN Tripura
INDHLB Dhalaighat IN Tripura
INKELB Kel Sahar Subdivision IN Tripura
INBSAB Banbasa IN Uttar Pradesh
INGAIB Gauriphanta IN Uttar Pradesh
INGJIB Gunji IN Uttar Pradesh
INJHOB Jhulag h at (P ithor agarh) IN Uttar Pradesh
INKTGB Katarniyaghat IN Uttar Pradesh
INNGRB Nepalgunj Road IN Uttar Pradesh
INMBS6 Madho singh ICD IN Uttar Pradesh
INLON6 ICD Loni IN Uttar Pradesh
INCPL6 Dadri-CGML IN Uttar Pradesh
INBDH6 ICD Badohi IN Uttar Pradesh
INTTP6 Dadri TTPL IN Uttar Pradesh
INAPL6 Dadri-ACPL CFS IN Uttar Pradesh
INTKNB Tikonia IN Uttar Pradesh
INSNLB Sonauli IN Uttar Pradesh
INKWAB Khunwa IN Uttar Pradesh
INKNU6 Kanpur – JRY (ICD ) IN Uttar Pradesh
INJWAB Jarwa IN Uttar Pradesh
INSJR6 Great er No ida-Surajpur IN Uttar Pradesh
INDLAB Dharc hula IN Uttar Pradesh
INBNYB Berhni IN Uttar Pradesh
INSTT6 Dadri – STTPL (CFS) IN Uttar Pradesh
INAGR4 Agra IN Uttar Pradesh
INDER6 Noida-Dadri (ICD) IN Uttar Pradesh
INMBC6 Moradabad (EPZ/ SEZ) IN Uttar Pradesh
INNDA6 Noida (EPZ/ SEZ) IN Uttar Pradesh
INSRE6 Saharanpur IN Uttar Pradesh
INMTC6 Meerut IN Uttar Pradesh
INMBD6 Pakwara (Moradaba d ) IN Uttar Pradesh
INCPC6 Kanpur IN Uttar Pradesh
INBSB6 Varanasi IN Uttar Pradesh
INBLJ6 Agra IN Uttar Pradesh
INVNS4 Varanasi IN Uttar Pradesh
INBEK4 Bareilly IN Uttar Pradesh
INLKO4 Lucknow IN Uttar Pradesh
INKNU4 Kanpur IN Uttar Pradesh
INCCU4 Kolkata Air Cargo IN West Bengal
INGTZB Getandah IN West Bengal
INHLIB Hilli IN West Bengal
INJIGB Jaigaon IN West Bengal
INSNG2 Singabad Railway Station IN West Bengal
INRNG2 Ranaghat Railway Station IN West Bengal
INRDP2 Radhikapur Railway Station IN West Bengal
INPTPB Petrapole Road IN West Bengal
INPNTB Pan itanki (Naxabari) IN West Bengal
INNKNB Namkhana IN West Bengal
INLGLB Lalgola Town IN West Bengal
INMHDB Kotawalighat (Mohedipur) IN West Bengal
INJPGB Jalpaiguri IN West Bengal
INDUR6 ICD Durgapur IN West Bengal
INTNGB Tungi IN West Bengal
INTTSB T.T. Shed (Kidcerpore ) IN West Bengal
INSKPB Sukhia Pokhari IN West Bengal
INSTIB Sitai IN West Bengal
INHGLB Hingalganj IN West Bengal
INGJXB Ghoja danga IN West Bengal
INGED2 Gede Railway Station IN West Bengal
INPTP8 Patrapole IN West Bengal
INCBDB Changrabandh IN West Bengal
INFBRB Fulbari IN West Bengal
INCCU1 Kolkata Sea IN West Bengal
INHAL1 Haldia IN West Bengal
INSLT6 Salt Lake (EP Z/SEZ) IN West Bengal
INFLT6 Falta (EPZ/SEZ) IN West Bengal
INIXB4 Bagdogra IN West Bengal