BIS Standards Codes

Know About BIS Standards  Codes

Sl. No. Applicable BIS Standards Name of the products
1.IS1694Tartrazine, Food grade
2.IS1695Sunset Yellow FCF, Food grade
3.IS1697Erythrosine, Food grade
4.IS 1698Indigo Carmine, Food grade
5.IS 2558Ponceau 4R, Food grade
6.IS 2923Carmoisine, Food grade
7.IS 5346Synthetic Food Colour preparation and mixtures
8.IS 6022Fast green FCF, Food grade
9.IS 6406Brillinant Blue FCF, Food grade
10.IS 3827Riboflavin
11.IS 3841B-Carotene
12.IS 4446(Pt1)Chlorophyll, (Mg Complex)
13.IS 4446(Pt2)Chlorophyll, (Cu Complex)
14.IS 6386Beta-apo-8-carotenal, Food grade
15.IS 6405Centhaxanthine, Food grade
16.IS 6797Methyl ester of beta-apo-8-carotenoic acid
17.IS 7260Ethylester of beta-apo-8-carotenoic acid, Food grade
18.IS 2557Anmatto colour for food products
19.IS 4447Sodium benzoate, Food grade
20.IS4448Benzoic acid, Food grade
21.IS4467(Pt.1)Caramel (Plain)
22.IS4467(Pt.2)Caramel (Ammonia Process)
23.IS4467(Pt.3)Caramel (Ammonia sulphite process)
24.IS 4750Sorbitol, Food grade
25.IS 4751Potassium meta-bisulphite, Food grade
26.IS 4752Sodium metabisulphite, Food grade
27.IS 4818Sorbic acid, Food grade
28.IS 5191Sodium alginate, Food grade
29.IS 5306Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, Food grade
30.IS 5342Ascorbic acid, Food grade
31.IS 5343Butylated hydroxy-anixole, Food grade
32.IS 5707Agar, Food grade
33.IS 5719Gelatin, Food grade
34.IS 6030Sodium propionate, Food grade
35.IS 6031Calcium propionate, Food grade
36.IS 6793Fumaric acid, Food grade
37.IS 7905Calcium alginate, Food grade
38.IS 7908Sulphur dioxide, Food grade
39.IS 7928Alginic acid, Food grade
40.IS 9504Tartaric acid, Food grade
41.IS 10563Mineral Oil, Food grade
42.IS 8356Titanium dioxide, Food grade
43.IS 9971DL Lactic Acid, Food grade
44.IS 1165Milk powder
45.IS 1166Condensed milk
46.IS 1547Infant milk foods
47.IS 1656Milk-cereal base weaning foods
48.IS 11156Infant formulae
49.IS 26933 Grade Ordinary Portland cement
50.IS 455Portland Slag cement
51.IS 1489(Pt.1 & Pt.2)Portland pozzolana cement-Part I Flash based and Part 2 Calcined Clay based
52.IS 3466Masonry cement
53.IS 6452High alumina cement for structural use
54.IS 6909Supersulphated cement
55.IS 8041Rapid hardening Portland cement
56.IS 8042White Portland Cement
57.IS 8043Hydrophobic Portland cement
58.IS 811243 Grade Ordinary Portland cement
59.IS 8229Oil well cement
60.IS 1226953 Grade Ordinary Portland cement
61.IS 12330Sulphate resisting Portland cement
62.IS 12600Low heat Portland cement
63.IS 1161Steel tubes for structural purposes
64.IS 1239(Pt.1)Mild steel tubes, tubular products and other worought steel fittings: Part I Mild Steel Tubes
65.IS4270Steel tubes used for water wells (upto 200 mm dia)
66.IS 1342Oil pressure stoves
67.IS 2787Multi-burner oil pressure stoves
68.IS 10109Oil pressure stove, offset burner type
69.IS 418Tungsten filament general service electric lamps (upto 100 W)
70.IS 302(Pt.2/Sec 3)Safety of household and similar electrical appliances-Electric Iron
71.IS 302(Pt.2/Sec.30)Safety of household and similar electrical appliances-Electric radiators
72.IS302 (Pt.2/Sec.201)Safety of household and similar electrical appliances-Electric immersion water heater
73.IS 302(Pt.2/Sec.202)Safety of household and similar electrical appliances-Electric stove
74.IS 12933 pin plugs and socket outlets
75.IS3854Switches for domestic and similar purposes
76.IS 49492 Amp Switches for electric and similar purposes
77.IS 277Galvanized steel sheets (plain and corrugated)
78.IS 279Galvanized steel wire for telegraph and telephone purposes
79.IS280Mild steel wire for general engineering purposes
80.IS 432(Pt.1)Mild steel and medium tensile steel bars
81.IS 432(Pt.2)Mild steel and medium tensile steel bars and hard drawn steel wire for concrete reinforcement
82.IS 513Cold rolled carbon steel sheets
83.IS 1029Hot rolled steel strips (baling)
84.IS 1079Hot rolled carbon steel sheet and strip
85.IS 1148Hot rolled steel rivet bars (upto 40 mm diameter) structural purposes
86.IS 1149High tensile steel rivet bars for structural purposes
87.IS 1786High strength deformed steel bars and wires for concrete reinforcement
88.IS 1875Carbon steel billets, blooms, slabs and bars for forgings
89.IS 1977Structural steel (ordinary quality)
90.IS 1990Steel rivet and stay bars for boilers
91.IS 2002Steel plates for pressure vessels for intermediate and high temperature service including boilers
92.IS 2062Weldable structural steel
93.IS 2830Carbon steel billets, blooms and slab for re-rolling into structural steel (standard quality)
94.IS 2831Carbon steel billets, blooms and slab for re-rolling into structural steel (ordinary quality)
95.IS 2879Mild steel for metal are welding electrode core wire
96.IS 3502Steel chequered plates
97.IS 3748Tool and die steels
98.IS 3930Flame and induction hardening steels
99.IS 4368Alloy steel billets, blooms and slab for forging for general engineering purpose
100.IS 4397Cold rolled carbon steel strips for ball and roller bearing cages
101.IS 4398Carbon-chromium steel for the manufacture of balls, rollers and bearing races
102.IS 4430Mould steels
103.IS 4431Carbon and carbon-manganese free cutting steel
104.IS 4432Case hardening steels
105.IS 4882Low carbon steel wire for rivets for use in bearing industry
106.IS 5489Carbureting steel for use in bearing industry
107.IS 5517Steels for hardening and tampering
108.IS 5518Steel for die blocks for drop forging
109.IS 5522Stainless steel sheets and strips for utensils
110.IS 1989(Pt.1)Leather safety boots and shoes for miners
111.IS 2512Miners’ cap lamp batteries (Lead acid type)
112.IS 1855Standard steel wire ropes for winding and man-riding haulages in mines
113.IS 2148Flameproof enclosures of electrical apparatus
114.IS 2925Industrial safety helmets
115.IS 3196(Pt.1)Welded low carbon steel gas cylinder exceeding 5 litre water capacity for low pressure liquefiable gases:Pt 1 Cylinders for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)
116.IS3196(Pt.2)Welded low carbon steel gas cylinder exceeding 5 litre water capacity for low pressure liquefiable gases:Pt 2 Cylinders for liquefiable gases other than LPG
117.IS3224Valve fittings for compressed gas cylinder excluding liquefied petroleum gas cylinders
118.IS 3745Yoke type valve connections for small medical gas cylinders
119.IS 7142Welded low carbon steel gas cylinder for low pressure liquefiable gases not exceeding 5 litre water capacity
120.IS 7285Seamless steel cylinders for permanent and high pressure liquefiable gases
121.IS 7302Valve fittings for gas cylinder valves for use with breathing apparatus
122.IS 7312Welded and seamless steel dissolved acetylene gas cylinders
123.IS 7680Welded and seamless steel dissolved gas cylinders for ammonia
124.IS 7681Welded and seamless steel dissolved gas cylinders for chlorine gas
125.IS 7682Welded and seamless steel dissolved gas cylinders for methyl bromide gas
126.IS 8737Valve fittings for use with liquefied petroleum gas cylinder of more than 5 litre water capacity: Pt 2 Valve fittings for newly manufactured LPG cylinders
127.IS 8776Valve fittings for use with liquefied petroleum gas cylinder up to and including 5 litre water capacity
128.IS 3470Hexane, Food grade
129.IS 8144Multipurpose dry batteries
130.IS 7620(Pt.1)Diagnostic Medical X-Ray Equipment
131.IS 14625Plastic Feeding Bottles
(Above Appendix V to Schedule I has been added vide Notification No. 44(RE-2000)/97-02, Dt. 24/11/2000. )
132.IS 13428:1998Packaged Natural Mineral Water
133.IS 14543:1998Packaged Drinking water (Other than Packaged Natural Mineral Water