Myanmar’s foreign trade up 18.47 per cent in nearly 10 months

YANGON, Jan 29 (Xinhua): Myanmar’s total goods imports and exports surged 18.47 per cent year on year to over US$27.19 billion in nearly 10 months of the 2022-23 fiscal year beginning in April last year, official data has showed.

From April 1 last year to Jan. 20 this year, exports rose 14.25 per cent to over US$13.36 billion from a year earlier, while imports climbed 22.85 percent to over US$13.82 billion, data from the country’s Ministry of Commerce showed.

During the period, about 76.04 per cent of the country’s total trade was done via sea routes, and about 23.96 per cent was conducted through land borders.

The South-East Asian country usually does most of its foreign trade through sea routes as it has a long coastline. It conducts border trade with China, Thailand, Bangladesh and India.

The country exports agricultural products, animal products, fisheries, minerals and forest products, manufacturing goods and others, while it imports capital goods, intermediate goods and consumer goods.

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