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The dollar suddenly fell to 276 rupees from over 290 rupees in the afternoon, 3 percent interest rate hike, serious shocks to the national economy, Germany threatened to withdraw G Plus concessions. Letter to education staff, electricity worth 500 billion is stolen , WAPDA reportO Muhammad Khan Bhatti, frontman of Parvaiz Elahi, arrested at Iran border accused of corruption of 80 million O Farah Gogi’s wealth increased from 23 million to 97 million during Imran Khan’s tenure Husband of Ahsan Jameels denied the allegations in Sudal Northern. a woman becomes a manager from a regular manager. Salary from 67,000 to 9,30,000 per month, 14 promotions in 14 years! Attended NAB and Courts O President Arif Alvi stayed in Lahore for 3 days, stayed at Governor House, met with Imran Khan O PPP will not form electoral alliance with anyone, will freely participate in the elections O Pervaiz Elahi is alleged by Supreme Court Judge The conversation went public! I went to the judge’s house and spoke to him and said ‘Yaar’!! Pervaiz Elahi called the video fake O Bhara Khao, another accident is over O Britain, vegetables missing, expensive and in small quantity from big stores O Contempt case against Law Minister Azam Tarar to be heard in Supreme Court O Contempt of court against Rana Sanaullah Case of Ghee is 115 rupees expensive, the price is 490 rupees per kg!

Election preparations in Punjab and Pakhtunkhwa have been expedited, Election Commission has sent letters to judiciary, army, police, education department to provide staff. These departments had earlier refused to provide staff, now they have to abide by the order of the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has rejected all cases of lack of funds, not being able to provide judges from the parliamentary courts and not being able to provide staff due to the busyness of the army. In accordance with the order of the Supreme Court, various political parties have also taken part in the preparations. Candidates are being nominated. An important factor is the great dissatisfaction of the People’s Party with the PML-N. In the 13-member government, the PML-N has held the prime minister and treasury, home, railway, aviation, food, information and other important ministries. The PPP has also protested against the daily increase in the value of the dollar, the policy of the central bank and the statements of the opposition Maryam Nawaz and the federal ministers on the judiciary. According to some inner circles of PPP, Shahbaz Sharif’s government directly takes instructions from Nawaz Sharif instead of consulting Asif Zardari, while Nawaz Sharif gives special instructions to Maryam Nawaz instead of Shahbaz Sharif. Maryam Nawazsaf has said that she has nothing to do with the Shahbaz Sharif government. Maryam became so arrogant in her presumption of authority that she directly addressed the Supreme Court judge and started asking for answers! Operations have spread to Sukkur. This series continues.

Maryam Nawaz will have to face difficulties. Parvaiz Elahi called Justice Mazahar Ali Akbar on phone after stopping him and said, “Oiyar, it’s a matter of a second!”, social media is taking note. Although Parvez Elahi has called the video fake, the social media is claiming that the video is authentic.Yesterday, a well-known anchor explained the details of the video on TV. It stated that “Parvaiz Elahi has allegedly sent Muhammad Khan Bhatti to the house of Judge (name not relevant, everyone knows) to file a case against his General Secretary Muhammad Khan Bhatti. Then he told the judge that he would come himself. The referee wanted to stop, but Parvaiz Elahi insisted that “Yar”! I won’t stay, it’s a matter of seconds. After that, they forcibly went to the judge’s house where Muhammad Khan Bhatti is said to have already been sitting. This video has been recorded on social media. Imran Khan’s senior lawyer Babar Awan alleged in a recent press conference that a regular plan has been prepared to kill Imran Khan by detonating a block bomb or firing in court. Babar Awan questioned that Imran Khan appeared in court in Islamabad three days ago, Tawan’s official security was terminated and Imran Khan continued to roam around court without any security. Now the situation will be different. According to Babar Awan, the government itself has said that some foreign countries want to kill Imran. He asked why they were not being interviewed via video as per other examples. Babar Awan said that the conversation cannot be jammed on the court video, there are no jammers. He said that an FIR has also been lodged against Imran Khan’s personal security officer Niazi. Babar Awan claimed that he had all the information and proof of the plan to kill Imran Khan. He expressed his surprise that the accused who killed Imran Khan is being interviewed on video, why not with Imran? * China’s two practices: The Chinese Foreign Ministry has appealed to the world to help Pakistan out of financial difficulties… and… and has apologized for facilitating Pakistan to repay Chinese loans!!! On TV, the news is that the price of the dollar has suddenly dropped by twelve rupees, 31 paise (12.31) and now the dollar is down to 272 rupees in the banks while it is trading at 284 rupees in the open market. According to reports, the dollar has disappeared from the market and can only be found at very high prices. Banks do not issue dollars to customers according to the instructions of the Norwegian Banking Authority, as a result of which many exports and imports have stopped. Import of raw materials is necessary for export of anything. All this work is done through dollars. According to reports, Germany has warned the government of Pakistan that Pakistani businessmen have placed heavy orders for the import of electric vehicles. The concessions given under will be suspended, which will have the immediate effect of stopping billions worth of textile exports. ! Cases against Usman Buzdar and his brothers for illegal land acquisition and other corruption cases, which were closed during Imran Khan’s tenure, have been reopened. Yesterday Buzdar appeared in front of NAB and was seriously questioned! * Seven years have passed since the arrest of the Indian spy Kal Bhushan Yadav, he has been sentenced to death in Pakistan for bombings and bloodshed, but that punishment is not given according to the decision of the International Court. * Temperatures in the country: Heavy snowfall in Astor, temperature below minus 5, snow and rain in Quetta, Lahore temperature 24, Karachi 35 degrees! *Karachi, strike 90 flour mills, wheat 150 rupees per kg! The mafia of mills is full of anti people, it will be difficult to take action against any mill in food department, corruption.

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