Morocco Outlines Conditions for Exports, Imports of Legalized Cannabis Products

Morocco has become among a growing list of African countries that are allowing the use of cannabis for medical and therapeutic purposes.

Morocco’s customs authority has outlined the conditions for import and exports of authorized cannabis seeds, seedlings, and industrial products.

The country’s Customs and Indirect Tax Administration issued on Tuesday a circular including conditions and measures that are part of the implementation of Law 13-21 on the legal use of cannabis.

Morocco adopted the law in 2021, positioning itself among a growing list of African countries that are approving the use of cannabis for medical and therapeutic purposes.

Debunking criticism, Morocco backed its decision by arguing that this measure aims to ensure cannabis use for industrial sectors while cracking down on any illegal practices.

Conditions For Imports/Exports
As part of the conditions, Article 3 of the law stipulates that the import and export of cannabis seeds and plants are subject to authorization issued by the National Agency for the Regulation of Cannabis-related activities (ANRAC).

Article 12 of the same law stipulates that holders of import and or export authorizations must be Moroccan citizens. Eligible applicants should also meet age criteria and should meet all conditions provided by regulations in force to allow them to produce and market cannabis seeds and seedlings.

Meanwhile, Article 13 of the same law provides that authorization holders may only import seeds and plants certified by ANRAC in accordance with a joint approval from Ministries of Interior and Agriculture.

The certified cannabis therefore should hold a label C including the approval number as well as the rate of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) of the variety.

“The certification may be withdrawn by ANRAC when the variety of cannabis can no longer meet the conditions on the basis of which the certification was granted in accordance with article 4 of the aforementioned decree,” detailed Morocco’s customs office.

In addition, Article 17 concerns the prohibition on the manufacture of products whose THC content exceeded the level set by the regulation.

The rate should be set at 100 or 1%, in accordance with a joint decree from the Ministry of Interior and Ministries of Health and Agriculture.

Destruction of any cannabis products, seeds, and plants can only take place in the presence of a commission approved by ANRAC.

Import of cannabis products will be subject to an authorization from ANRAC.

ANRAC is the only entity eligible to authorize the export of cannabis and its products for medical, pharmaceutical or industrial purposes, in accordance with Articles 3 and 19 of the adopted law.

Meanwhile, the transportation of cannabis and related products should be carried out under an authorization issued by ANRAC.

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