The Richest Countries In Europe

Financial dominance is rare in isolated kingdoms spread to the corners of the Earth; instead, nations that network together – thrive together. These 15 richest European countries, as demonstrated by their high GDP per capita (PPP), showcase a unique range of interconnected cultures, industries, and lifestyles. To accurately evaluate the regional standing of these countries, two metrics are essential: Purchasing power parity (PPP) and gross domestic product (GDP). PPP is measurable by the price of certain goods in each country, while GDP is an annual measure of all the final goods and services produced and sold. ‘GDP per capita (PPP)’ can be determined by dividing a country’s GDP by its total population, considering PPP adjustments. From Ireland in the northwest to Malta in the south, these nations have developed successful global enterprises that have contributed significantly to their wealth.

15 Richest European Countries By GDP Per Capita (PPP)
Luxembourg – $146,259
Ireland – $139,844
Switzerland – $87,522
Norway – $82,496
San Marino – $74,970
The Netherlands – $72,363
Denmark – $72,167
Iceland – $69,811
Austria – $69,399
Andorra – $67,735
Germany – $65,865
Sweden – $65,459
Belgium – $64,125
Finland – $61,009
Malta – $59,860

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